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   Locations in The Second Coming of Angela

Take a tour of Brazil, the primary location for this novel, from Sao Paulo to the Amazon.

When I started writing this novel, it was 2005 and one of the locations in the story was a treetop hotel in the Amazon, Ariau Towers, on the Rio Negro (Black River) a feeder to the Amazon River.  I learned, about three years ago that it had gone out of business and my hope to see it someday was gone. I decided not to replace it in the book with another location. Couldn't bring myself to do it. When you look at the following links, you might understand why it was a dream I did not enjoy letting go of.


The novel has its beginning in a small town in the beautiful Muskokas in Ontario. No big city hustle and bustle but some of the most beautiful country you'll find. 

It moves quickly to Sao Paulo, Brazil. Sao Paulo is huge and has a population of more than 22 million. This blog will give you some good info on the city.



From Sao Paulo, the story makes a brief stop in Rio de Janeiro. Check out this blog. ​

 Have a look at the fascinating jungle city of Manaus, a thousand miles up the Amazon River and the launching pad for the books final battle on the Rio Negro.


A quick visit to Curitiba, a very innovative city when it comes to city planning. You won't find a city like it anywhere else.


A brief stop in Brasilia, the Capital of Brazil, built from scratch in Brazilian highlands.


Florianopolis, a city in two parts. One part on the mainland of Brazil and the other part on an island that is connected by a bridge. Sun and beaches galore.

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